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    My friend just rigged it so she and her friends could play Mario Kart on the side of a house for someone’s birthday.

    Now the whole neighborhood can watch as a friendship is blown away by a blue turtle shell

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    Airport staircase in Tokyo, Japan

    Its funny because if you fell down these stairs then Pikachu would look like such an asshole.

    fuck you, sassy japanese stairs…

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  4. asian:

    i swear to god people in my school will call me pencil dick boy for the rest of my life

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    for the longest time i thought shoes on a telephone wire was just people getting rid of their old shoes in a cool way

    It’s not?…

    no it means that someone sells drugs nearby

    my life is a lie

    there’s a whole line of shoes on the wire in the back of my school

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    I will never not reblog this.

    I like the part where, in the third gif, the loop makes it look like the Prince turns into Cinderella

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    That’s metal as fuck

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